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Director’s Message:

Dr. Dan Prinzing

“Never again is obsolete. Never again is now.”

It’s a statement used in Rose Beal’s presentations to students throughout the state.
She was a young teen living in Frankfurt, Germany, when Hitler came to power. Her story of deportation and Kristallnacht (the Night of Broken Glass) has provided a face and voice to Holocaust studies.

Rose is now 92. Feeling blessed to have enjoyed a long life, she is now facing serious medical challenges.

An ardent supporter of the Center and our mission, Rose has served tirelessly as a speaker and docent, and built her legacy as a revered and beloved ambassador for human rights in Idaho.

We are delighted to honor Rose with the inclusion of the Rose Beal Legacy Garden in the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, a permanent tribute to her advocacy of human rights education and efforts to ensure that the Holocaust is never repeated.

Currently in construction, the Garden includes an audio box with four tracks narrated by Rose, a rose garden, and a new stone portal.

The Anne Frank chestnut tree sapling, awarded to the Center by the Anne Frank Center USA, will be planted in the Rose Beal Legacy Garden in 2015.

Please join us for the public dedication of the Rose Beal Legacy Garden on October 24, 2014, beginning at 11:30 a.m. in the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial.

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