Biology homework helper: characteristics of a real expert

Biology is a critical science and any assignment should be taken seriously. The formatting of a scientific sheet follows a specific order and structure as opposed to casual tasks that students do in class.

  1. Objective
    A biology sheet is not characterized with emotive phrases with prejudice. There is no need to express your feelings or unnecessary conceptions. Any point that you make must have back –up of evidence. Ensure that your prose is that of a neutral observer without bias.
  2. Conventional
    The rules of Biology are strict. The structure for instance is more rigid than in other fields. A journal for example is organized in a sequence of headings. When writing reports, make sure your information falls under the right sections. Confirm with your teacher what type of format is expected. Be very careful when formatting scientific names. For instance names of species are written in italics when typed or underlined if handwritten while genus names are capitalized.
  3. Formal language
    Only formality is accepted in wording. Use of jargons should be limited. Contractions such as ‘doesn’t’ are no allowed. Colloquialisms and anthropomorphism are also prohibited, e.g. you cannot say babies in place for offspring. You do not have to be polite, simply be accurate e.g. man instead of gentleman. Your writing style should be active as opposed to passive and so first person voice prevails.
  4. Concise
    Biology students are advised to make their sentences as precise as possible. For example instead of writing ‘at the present moment’ simply say ‘now’. Too lengthy statements are unnecessary. Repetition of ideas only makes your paper more confusing and this diminishes clarity.
  5. Accuracy
    Simple terms are encouraged. If you want to express truth, simply say that the idea is true rather than ‘absolutely true’. There is no need to exaggerate a point. Vagueness is something that cost your grades in Biology so avoid words like ‘almost always, like, nearly, roughly, hypothetically. Another thing you should avoid is generalization of ideas, for example do not say, ‘everybody knows’ but ‘it is generally accepted’.

Whether you are handling your biology assignment all alone or with a biology homework help site, make sure that your paper has the above qualities of scientific writing.