The Fast and Easy Steps to Study Spanish

Can you learn a new language on your own? There is no simple way to learn a new language, and no method is perfect than the other. You need to find what will work for you, match your goals, and use your achieved goals. To learn any new language, you need consistency and immersion. Learning a new language means changing your lifestyle. You have to be in the middle of things that are in line with that language. It would help if you had frequent practice to remember the concepts of the new language.

Use online sources when you start struggling with immersion and consistency. Explore the Spanish world using specialized services, create a progress tracker, and immerse yourself into Spanish content. Some linguistics help with homework will also benefit you.

Use grammar textbooks for one hour per day

Find a CD and a grammar exercise book called Hugo Spanish in Three months. It has many grammar exercises and explanations with answers at the back. You will learn Spanish grammar. Use the material for only one hour a day. Make your notes and use the book as a reference.

Read, find and underline new words

Make use of the home reading environment. Read all materials you find written in Spanish. You can use novels translated from other languages to Spanish. Paulo Coelho's writing is perfect for a beginner. He uses short sentences that are easy to understand. The vocabulary is fundamental to give you an easy time. Avoid destructors like electronics and the internet when reading for one hour.

Watch tv shows and movies with subtitles

As a beginner, watch Spanish movies with English subtitles. At an advanced level, watch Spanish movies that have Spanish subtitles. Reading skills develop faster than listening skills. Reading the subtitles improves your pronunciation. Made in Argentina is one of the best movies you can watch. You can also watch subtitled movies in Spanish.

Listen to Spanish radio

It can be hard to understand what one is saying in a foreign language without seeing the lips. The technique is challenging but stick to it when you are reasonably fluent.

Tour the Spanish speaking countries

Make traveling your hobby. When you visit many Spanish-speaking countries, you gain confidence in the language. You will be able to get the different types of Spanish and the different accents.

Visit areas with Spanish speaking people

If you can't afford to travel abroad, visit places in your country occupied by Spanish people. You can also transform your home to be a learning hotspot for Spanish. Make changes that will boost Spanish education and learning. You can access this process on YouTube.

Volunteer in Spanish speaking countries

Volunteer in a Spanish-speaking country opens your ears and eyes. You get the new expressions and the natural vocabulary.

Have a Spanish blog

Make a free blog on WordPress and blogger or both. Add an editor note that your intent to improve on Spanish writing skills. Write one blog per week and translate before posting. The process will widen your vocabulary and boost your confidence in Spanish.

Take online courses in Spanish

Taking online courses is the best way to learn Spanish. You will access the courses on a laptop, tablet, or phone, making it more effective.

Speak to a Spanish partner

A language partner will correct your language in your conversation. If living abroad, use the conversation exchange to find a suitable partner to help you. You will have a chance to express yourself in Spanish and boost your confidence. You can also get a Spanish tutor to help you.

Download the best Spanish apps

Spanish apps are convenient and mobile to build your vocabulary. You can check apps like LinQ and Reword and start with them.

Get the Spanish learning games

Do you love to play mobile games? Then, get games like Drops and Digital Dialects games to play and learn the Spanish language.

Have a Spanish self-talk

If you aren't from a Spanish-speaking country, you may lack someone to talk to in Spanish. Talk to yourself by narrating a story in Spanish and explain your experiences in Spanish. Talk about your busy day in Spanish, and you will learn a lot from the self-conversation.


There are many ways to learn the Spanish language. The above steps will be a good starting point in your new language journey.